current exhibition: March 30 - April 29

Shifting Sight/Site:  A. Blair Clemo Solo Show

Artist Talk, Friday, April 27th, 6:30-8:30 pm

DCC Workshop:  Make Pottery from Press Molds, Sat/Sun, April 28-29th

blair clemo show pic.jpg

A. Blair Clemo



The work in this exhibition began while I was an Artist-in-Residence at the

Jingdezhen International Studio, China in June, 2016. I went to this residency

without a plan, intent on experimenting with new processes, materials and new points of inquiry into utilitarian pots.



The forms began with discarded factory molds, salvaged from an abandoned

ceramic manufacturing complex in Jingdezhen scheduled for demolition. These implements of industrial mass-production became a structure for individualized handwork.



Slip trailed concentric circles mark the motion of my hand as it traces the motion of

the potter’s wheel.


Dashed lines mimic punctuations, linear patterns impressed into pottery, found on

nearly every continent and dating back at least 20,000 years.



They are inlayed with slip, but not Mishima. Decorative slip inlayed into form.



Blue and white is no longer the exclusive language of one culture, but the ubiquitous, global language of porcelain itself. Both ancient and contemporary.



Visible color spectrums are part of our universal human experience with color. Witnessed by all, but invented by none.