Make America Great Again Hat and Shards by Connor Czora

Make America Great Again Hat and Shards by Connor Czora


Porcelain, underglaze, glaze, gold luster and dirt from outside the White House.

*This work won second prize from the exhibition jurors*

*This work won second prize from the gallery attendees on opening night*

About the Work from the artist:

The results of the United States election of 2016 ushered in waves of bigotry, intolerance, and attacks on the free press throughout the country. America's underlying social and political tensions have been brought to the surface; discriminatory task forces have been formed, immigrant families have been forcibly separated, and Nazi rallies have taken place.


'Make America Great Again' protests the Trump administration's oppressive policies and actions through the destruction of their symbols. I molded and slip-cast the hats for 'Make America Great Again' from an ordinary M.A.G.A. hat, then glazed and lustered them for a trompe-l'oeil effect. Referencing porcelain's historical connotations with the elite, the art of Ai Weiwei, and America's long history of protests at the White House, I shatter the symbol of Trump's power and demand to know: How will we combat hatred and begin to heal?

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Connor Czora is an interdisciplinary ceramic artist from Webster, New York, currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Connor's recent work examines the relationship between domestic ceramics, cultural taste, and sociopolitical power structures in the United States. Drawing inspiration from the American ceramic and decorative arts in their own life, Connor explores how these objects and aesthetics enforce social hierarchies and power structures such as sexism, racism, and homophobia. Connor was a scholarship participant in the 2018 Haystack Summer Conference and worked for a summer as a Facilities Assistant at Baltimore Clayworks. Connor has exhibited nationally, including their recent premiere solo show, 'Clay Americana', in Baltimore.

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