Rebel, Rebel

Rebel, Rebel


Slipcast porcelain, inlay steel.

15” x 8” x 3”

Including steel standing base: 8” x 10” x 65”

This piece may be purchased through the District Clay Gallery Collectors Program.

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“My satirical sculpture is a combination of content, imagery, attitude, and humor. These elements are expressed through a visual narrative. This visual narrative allows me to convey ideas to a broad audience on different levels. My desire to reach a broad audience reflects my belief that my audience is made of individuals with individual perspectives, each one as relevant as the other. Their interpretation is only limited by their willingness to open their minds and overcome the obstacles I confront them with. These obstacles are manifested in content, imagery, attitude and humor.

Content represents the most significant aspect of my work. I strive to develop truthful content based on first-hand knowledge or well-researched material. With frequency I will pit these truths against preconceived beliefs. Religion and politics are favorite subjects which are often polarizing areas for people of conviction.


Another area of polarization is imagery. Imagery is the first punch thrown by a piece of visual art. The first reaction from the audience will come from that initial eye contact. The viewer may walk away or stay as the result of this first contact. I try to confront the audience right off and although my concept is to reach everyone, I relish the times when some individuals walk away. At this point my attitude reins in.

My emotional attitude permeates every aspect of my work. I feel for all I do and I enjoy siding with the underdog. Experience dictates this methodology may hinder commercial success but I personally believe my “heart-over-head” mentality creates richer art.

One element that allows me to make my bitter subjects palatable is satirical humor. Humor breaks down barriers and allows viewers to confront ideas that may arouse unsettling emotions. Satire works to manipulate the viewer’s perspective through misdirection by drawing attention to the obvious, thus allowing the underlying meaning, when discovered, to hopefully be more

thought provoking.

Basically this is the gist of my satirical sculpture. But there is one other important element not yet mentioned. This element also plays a role in reaching a broad audience by immediately connecting with the viewer. It’s craftsmanship and craftsmanship is a finite quality of my work. Historically craftsmanship is appreciated in all cultures and in my opinion is an element of humanity lacking in a lot of contemporary art.”