The Liars Club by Becky Gottsegen

The Liars Club by Becky Gottsegen


Clay, epoxy, chalk, paint. Includes a hidden speaker with recordings of each of the figures telling lies on a five minute recording loop.

*This work won First Place and tied for Most Creative in our Audience Awards during on opening night*

About the Work from the artist:

When I heard about the show and the title "Lies" I immediately thought about the Trump administration and the daily lies that they all tell. I started the piece shortly after watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and decided I had to include him and Mitch McConnell in the piece.


Of course the Liars' Club would have many more members than these 5 but these were the ones I chose to highlight... It is kind of my version of Mt. Rushmore but instead of set against a beautiful blue sky they are set against one of fire - kind of a play on "pants on fire."


I have not been the same since the election of our current POS President and spend lots of my free time watching and/or listening to CNN and MSNBC and getting more and more angry at the people who voted this pig into the most important office in our country. Somehow sculpting these liars makes me feel better...and compiling the audio of a brief sampling of their lies did, too!

Note: This item may be purchased through District Clay Gallery’s Collector’s Program.

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Becky Gottsegen Bio

After an extended period of time working as a legal secretary and later a notary for the State of Louisiana, Becky attended the University of New Orleans and obtained her BA degree in 1987 at age 35. 

She became a partner in a furniture design and fabrication business in New Orleans and spent five years designing and overseeing the fabrication of custom furniture including the 35-foot boardroom table for the New Orleans Museum of Art. After selling her interest in the business, she continued to design and fabricate furniture and opened a home furnishings gallery in New Orleans, which represented over 20 Louisiana artists. She won numerous awards for her furniture design and interior projects. After closing the gallery, she continued to work in the design and construction industry in New Orleans but moved to Baton Rouge two years after Katrina. 

In 2009 Becky began working with clay with the only instruction available in Baton Rouge being a pottery class at Southern Pottery. Since that first class in 2009, she has studied with some of the finest figurative artists working in clay including Tip Toland, Christina West, Beth Cavener, Bruno Lucchesi, Philippe Faraut, Curt Lacross and Jethro Crabb at art schools across the country as well as in Certaldo, Italy and London, UK. 

Several group shows at the Baton Rouge Gallery
2016 - Two person show at the Gallery at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with 16 portraits of people living with dementia: "Finding the Forgotten in the Shadows of the Mind" 
2017 - Solo show at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, Louisiana with 12 sculptures of older women saying sarcastic things: "Out of the Mouths of Babes"

She has also taught a number of one week sculpture workshops in Baton Rouge.

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