Fusion by Joe Hicks

Artist Talk: Sat, March 23rd, 6-8 pm

Show Run: March 23 - April 28th, 2019

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About Fusion:

In this fascinating solo show, Joe examines how the concept of fusion, which he argues is essential to contemporary American society, informs his most most recent work with shino glazed vessels.

As an Assistant Professor at Marymount Univeristy, Hicks' ceramic work emphasizes the melding of layers between clay, slip, and glaze, creating a multitude of color and textural responses on the surfaces of his shino vessels.

The complexity of these shino surfaces, and the importance of their fusion into one entity, may be comparable to issues related to contemporary American society. Because Americanism is built on the foundation of democracy, allowing for the coalescence of different ideas, its health depends on its ability to fuse the complex layers of different cultures and ideas together.

Joe is also putting on an expanded Shino Glaze Workshop with a special Carbon Trap firing at District Clay on March 23rd.

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