samantha briegel: Blush

Artist Talk & Reception: Saturday, May 11, 6-8 pm

Show Run: May 3 - May 19

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About Blush:

Blush is drawn from body's outward reaction to an interior emotion. In a similar vein, an individual's choice of clothes are also an outward expression of identity and personality. In Blush, the combination of blushing effects and clothing patterns and textures contribute to a rich visual and tactile experience in Briegel's work.

Through the use of handbuilt and wheel thrown pieces, screenprints of different fabrics and textures and both dramatic and subtle applications of glazes, Briegel has created an astonishingly beautiful and artfully constructed body of functional work.

Artist Statement

My work reclaims the identity of clothing textures and patterns. The body and the vessel share a similar vocabulary of lips, shoulders, bellies, and feet. I use this comparison to clothe implied bodies. As functional pottery, these works demand interaction through use.

Akin to our clothing, these interactions also make us aware of our bodies. What happens to the clothes that we love but can never wear again? These articles contribute to our identities. What happens when our clothes no longer comfort us? As a potter, I am offering a reclaimed comfort that delivers nourishment, tactile moments, and conversation. 

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About Samantha Briegel:

Samantha Briegel is a resident artist at District Clay Center. She has an MFA in ceramics from Ohio State University and a BFA from University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She is a workshop leader, has participated in numerous residences and exhibitions. She currently teaches Advanced Wheel at the District Clay Center and manages the District Clay Gallery and DCC special events.