Betty's Delight by Margaret Kinkeade

Betty's Delight by Margaret Kinkeade


Stoneware, slip.

“With Betty’s Delight, viewers become participants with each picking up a plate to break bread together and hanging their plate on the wall once finished.

Through this shared activity the audience is invited to connect and contribute.

This has been the tradition in sewing circles for generations. Sewing circles create a configuration that acts as a fingerprint of the moment, the ritual, and the gathering . . . with no two arrangements alike.

With Betty’s Delight, the plates are re-hung after bread has been broken, creating a new configuration - a new fingerprint - of the gathering and its participants.”

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About Margaret Kinkeade: 

Originally from Oklahoma, Margaret Kinkeade completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Oklahoma and her graduate studies at Penn State University.  

She relocated to Kansas City in 2014 and now splits her time between her studio practice, teaching and spending time with her husband and two children.

Margaret's most recent body of work has been inspired by American quilts with a particular interest in the perfectly imperfect quilts created by the

Interested in the domestic object as souvenir, the collection as identity, and community connection through shared work, her research examines  American folk art and traditional craft with a particular focus on those objects and methods historically utilized by women.