Formation by Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Formation by Jennifer Ling Datchuk


Porcelain, acrylic.

“Formation was inspired by a Chairman Mao figurine I found in a desk drawer in Jingdezhen, China. This small bust could have been displayed in my family’s home when they lived in China. Mao is credited for opening China to the West but he is also responsible for a Chinese genocide and the one child policy. This policy perpetuated the belief that boys are more valued than girls.

In this piece, I alter his iconic image and give him hairstyles of young girls. I aim to take his power away and give presence to young girls because there is saying in China that goes ‘girls hold up half the sky’.”

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About Jennifer Ling Datchuk:  
Jennifer Ling Datchuk was born in Warren, Ohio and currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. 

As the child of a Chinese immigrant and grandchild of Russian and Irish immigrants, the family histories of conflict she has inherited are a perpetual source for her work. She captures this conflict by exploring the emotive power of domestic objects and rituals that fix, organize, soothe, and beautify our lives. 

Datchuk holds an MFA in Artisanry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a BFA in Crafts from Kent State University. She has received grants from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio as well as Artpace to research the birthplace of porcelain in Jingdezhen, China. 

Recently, she was awarded the Emerging Voices Award from the American Craft Council.