Huevos by Christina Erives

Huevos by Christina Erives


Porcelain, paint.

'“My work stems from my memories of growing up as one of 12 children in Los Angeles, CA.

Through the use of various objects such as Huevos and Peregrinaje, I aim to construct information-rich installations that speak of my experiences.

I enjoy seeing these objects evolve through the use of clay - just as a story of an event can change over time in the ways of telling it. As a Mexican American, I hope to create a narrative that celebrates the rituals of a new generation.

My interest in creating pieces based on my heritage and family traditions arises from my fear of these processes being lost and forgotten. Ceramic pieces have permanence; we learned about ancient cultures through studying their ceramics.

There is beauty in these traditions and my aim is to make a mark in my time that will be preserved in the history of ceramic objects.”

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About Christina Erives:

Christina Erives was born in Los Angeles, California. 

She received her MFA from Pennsylvania State University and both a BA and MA in studio art from California State University of Northridge. 

Christina has exhibited her work at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California; Penland Gallery in North Carolina; and Baltimore Clayworks in Maryland. 

Christina received her Master of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University and a masters and bachelor of artfrom California State  Northridge.  

She is currently a Long Term Resident Artist at Archie Bray Foundation in Helena Montana.