Libertas by Natalie Arbeleaz

Libertas by Natalie Arbeleaz


“Libertas is about how the Statue of Liberty was - and still is - a cultural symbol that uses the imagery of women and immigration. When the statue was erected, women did not have political liberty or citizenship; neither did Native Americans or African Americans. The only immigrants that would be naturalized and allowed citizenship at the time were white men.

The Statue of Liberty is still a cultural symbol for the United States and the embodiment of women’s strength and the immigrant’s role in the building of our country. Unfortunately, our 45th president continually reduces women to objects and blatantly states how immigrants of color are less than. He is breeding a culture of toxicity and hate that is normalizing bigotry.

Libertas was created as a reminder of the role that women, immigrants, and people of color played in the building of the United States.”

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About  Natalia Arbelaez:

Natalia Arbelaez is a Colombian American artist, born and raised in Miami, Fl to immigrant parents. 

She received her BFA from Florida International University and her MFA from Ohio State University, where she received an Enrichment Fellowship. 

She completed a yearlong residency at the Clay Art Center; Port Chester, New York as a Barbara Rittenberg Fellow and was awarded the 2016 Inaugural Artaxis Fellowship that funded a residency to the Watershed in Newcastle, ME. 

Her work has been exhibited nationally in museums, galleries and is included in various collections. 

She has been recognized by the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts as a 2018 Emerging Artist in the field. Natalia currently lives and works in New York.