Nymphs by Amanda Schneider

Nymphs by Amanda Schneider


“I create pots with painted tableaus to study historical imagery in art and to reframe it with a contemporary eye.

In my work Nymphs, one face of the historic Greek vase image shows a man persuading a woman to accompany him to a party. In the source image, the man is nude and the woman’s body language suggests a reluctance to come with the man, yet her face remains neutral. In my reimagination, the people’s faces are changed to represent a contemporary conversation around consent and bodily autonomy.

The tableau on the opposite side depicts two seated nymphs at the edge of a body of water. This is a scene based on the etching, “Five Nymphs Bathing” by Francesco Bartolozzi. Here the women are nude and relaxed, their body language suggesting the safety they feel in the presence of one another.

In my work I look at the ways historical imagery signifies the culture’s understanding of gender and sex.”

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About Amanda Schneider:  
Amanda Schneider was born and raised in western Kansas and received her BFA in ceramics from the University of Kansas in 2014. 

Presently, she is studio manager to artist Roberto Lugo and employed at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia where she is involved in ceramic education and community outreach in addition to producing her own work. 

Through her work, she studies and critiques historical iconography in art from a contemporary feminist lens. 

Primarily drawing from Greek pottery and mythology, she compares ancient cultures’ beliefs
surrounding gender, power dynamics, and politics to contemporary human rights efforts.