Wyld Flower by Jennifer Lee Datchuk

Wyld Flower by Jennifer Lee Datchuk


Porcelain, luster, decals, underglaze, glaze.

"'Wyld Flower' is made in collaboration with a Buddha factory in Jingdezhen, China.  Like many Chinese households, a laughing Buddha is proudly displayed to give you good luck and fortune.  I often wondered as a child why Buddha had only boys crawling all over him.  

When I approached this factory they had told me that many artists wanted to work with them and they said no.  I proposed that I turn the boys into girls and have a Buddha that represented all the daughters that I know.  

The boss whispered to his wife and they said yes.  This new Buddha became my boxing coach and champion for the young girls crawling all over him."

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About Jennifer Ling Datchuk:  
Jennifer Ling Datchuk was born in Warren, Ohio and currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. 

As the child of a Chinese immigrant and grandchild of Russian and Irish immigrants, the family histories of conflict she has inherited are a perpetual source for her work. She captures this conflict by exploring the emotive power of domestic objects and rituals that fix, organize, soothe, and beautify our lives. 

Datchuk holds an MFA in Artisanry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a BFA in Crafts from Kent State University. She has received grants from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio as well as Artpace to research the birthplace of porcelain in Jingdezhen, China. 

Recently, she was awarded the Emerging Voices Award from the American Craft Council.