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“VEILED” puts it all up for grabs.

Curated by Kelcy Chase Folsom, District Clay Gallery's most ambitious show yet brings a range of work will engage all your emotions.

Expect to be disturbed, puzzled, soothed and delighted.  Some pieces are delightfully whimsical, some not so much.  We are living in anxious times after all.  

Folsom brings you a fetching gun, an anxious robot, a politically conscious pooping cow, a pretty but feckless crown and a nostalgic but unforgiving cradle.   

Plus some moldy tell tale fruit, a stack of creepy urban detritus, a teetering house of cards, a 7 day thumb, shocking bags of flesh and a heroic and scary politician.

They all have a stories to tell.  Violence, sensuality, longing and creativity are explored. You decide what’s true, what’s real and what’s not.

See what is possible in the hands of ten master ceramic artists who are creating waves in the ceramic art world and beyond.

These pieces stretch the boundaries.