and District Clay Center’s Call to Action


“My ideal of what it means to be an American developed during my childhood. I remember my Parents always doing two important simple things, giving blood and voting. Due to the political climate and lack of voter participation, I felt the Vote piece time appropriate.”

Russell Biles

  • See Russell Biles share his thoughts on VOTE and how it came about in this short video.

To Purchase a Figurine and Donate to Your Favorite Group, Click Here.

District Clay Center’s Call to Action:

Russell’s work is more than art, it is art with call to action, in this case, to vote. As Russell notes, the consequences of not voting in 2016 have become painfully clear.

District Clay is supporting Russell’s call by donating at least 25%* of sales of Russell’s figurines to the following groups that, in our humble estimation, provide either essential community support in the DC area or are working to move forward important policy issues that effect all of us. These donations are consumer-directed; the purchaser of each figure decides who the donation should be made to.

Local/Community Support: Capital Area Food Bank, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Environmental/Climate: Natural Resources Defense Council***, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Turtle Survival Alliance

Gun Safety: (Pending)

Immigration: Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services (RAICES)****

LGBTQ+: Human Rights Campaign

Racial Justice: NAACP

Reproductive Rights/Women’s: Planned Parenthood

At the close of Subversive Nature on December 14th, District Clay will send each of the organizations** their share of the proceeds. Please VOTE for your favorite - or favorites - by purchasing one of its Russell’s figurines. By doing so, you will be accomplishing two things - you will be supporting an amazing and courageous artist and the work of these important groups. We will publish regular updates on this website as well as final results.

And on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, please remember to VOTE.

*Our goal as a gallery is to support ceramic artists and promote important political and community activity. Our gallery is not a profit making operation. Any net profits from the sale of Biles’ figurines beyond the 25% donation will be distributed equally among the organizations listed.

**Important note: these organizations were self-selected by District Clay and their inclusion indicates our support for their efforts.

***District Clay is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) or any of its programs, projects or websites.

****District Clay is not affiliated in any manner with the RAICES or any of its programs, projects or websites.